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Gittleson Angus
High Altitude PAP Tested Bulls For Sale in Colorado

Welcome To Gittleson Angus

At Gittleson Angus we have been selling bulls at high elevation for more than twenty years and have maintained a commercial operation for more than thirty.  We strive for strong maternal traits, easy calving, growth and performance at weaning as well as yearling, and good carcass traits as well.

For the past 5 years we calved 70 miles from home on a 900 acre pasture so our cows are required to have a calf on their own.  This is why we push calving ease and maternal traits so hard, after all having a live calf is the most important thing.  We currently calve at our home place in Walden but is really nice to have those traits in our females as they are still required to calve on their own for the most part. Our females are required to raise a big calf every year on time or they will be culled, no second chances no fall calving program.  For that reason we have one of the highest number of Pathfinder dams every year in Colorado.  All of our cattle are available for viewing at any time.
All of our high altitude bulls are performance tested, PAP tested, fertility tested, ultrasounded for carcass, and have had a DNA profile taken on them before they are available for sale. Our high altitude bulls have never been in a feedlot, we want them to be ready to cover cows the day they leave our ranch with as much information gathered on them as possible so the customer knows exactly what they're getting.
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Gittleson Angus Ranch
(970) 734-7322
P.O. Box 421, Walden, CO 80480